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DOTART = time space life = POINT ART

" everything is the same in a different way"

DOTART was not born before because of the EGO.

to contain your self to a confined space, yet let go

give the freedom to others to be...

this is how DOTART set me free

DOTART is the same art as any other art.

Only it is the same a very simple way.

It is so close to be nothing it shifts to be everything.

The concept is the point. The process of painting

is performed by the observers and inevitably results in a dot.

I have built my artistic practice over 30 years and for the last 20 I’ve been exploring ways to convey my philosophy of TIME SPACE LIFE. The idea is that all three are fundamental and interconnected. Over the years, I produced a large and very successful portfolio of work using traditional artistic media and processes; however, none conveyed this concept adequately.

In 2014, I found the solution in DOTART where I released my ego and let the process of painting become secondary, where the public participates to complete the creation. It starts with me, the artist, creating a painting using acrylic on canvas and making the first mark, a positive note (example: I love you or peace). Each painting has a chain installed in the centre with a marker attached at the end whose radius reaches the edge of the picture, creating a circle. The area inside of the circle represents time and space given to us in life and the illusion of freewill. People are invited to put their mark on the painting in any way they choose, feeding information to the surface, creating a new image each time a mark is applied, keeping it alive. Colour markers are introduced in some instances, showing a slice of time making a period in the process more recognizable. Usually several works are displayed at one time, demonstrating how the result will always be the dot of overlapping information. At the end, the chain is removed from the surface, releasing the painting. Time Space Life can be explained as a dot, proving everything is the same but in a different way and all of it is created by the point.
In 2015, I evolved this idea to honour women (mother, lover, daughter) – DOTART Women
Series. I created three primary female portraits which were installed and showcased as
interactive DOTART in three European museums , including the Louvre in Paris. I made a silkscreen of this portrait. This acrylic, hand-pulled print has been the foundation of all subsequent paintings.
In 2016, I evolved the DOTART concept further, making it more visible in three dimensions which became the TOTEM WOMAN Series. The totems became the markers in space. I used 3 meter tall x 25cm diameter cardboard tubes wrapped with canvas, applying the hand-pulled print mixed with paint to create the image in acrylic. With the totems, I wanted to distance my physical self even further from the creative process by introducing water, washing the acrylic paint off the canvas to the desired level




Is an art movement with a philosophy of time space life.

Fundamental ideas are:

Only the point exists.

The dot is a 2D slice of a 3D sphere , it is dinamic it moves trough space, because of this it is a mark as well.
Our reality is an illusion in a changing continuum.

The concept of time space life is the point.

Everithing in the continuum is a dot.

Dot and mark is the same.
Two opposite driving forces, along with the observer.
/ red and blue meeting in a triangle /

Everything is connected to singularity.
Supports the holographic principle.
Everything is the same in a different way.

All is one


my dot with one hour of information


Toronto Art Expo 2014, The first DOTART SHOW

The visitors are invited to use the attached marker on my paintings.

Open participation, unlike a hidden one we all do in our daily life.